Another Blog? Here We Go.

I know.

Yet another internet-obsessed, GIF-slinging, college-going “twenty-something” preparing to think piece her way around this simulation we call life.

I’m all too aware of the ongoing image of the blabbermouth millennial (or in my case, generation Z. ha!) who speaks louder than she thinks. Ones who focus less on fact and more on how well they can clapback at the person they’re forcing into brick-wall conversations.


Don’t get me wrong. I live for that.

But I’m more interested in exploring conversation and thought beyond the scope of what may satisfy my internet-aged ego. We live in an era where the everyday voice has the ability to be more powerful than ever, and young people have a platform that can reach a massive audience at the click of a button.

Young people also have the responsibility to hold themselves accountable at all times because every thought and choice is published by their own hand, and once it is online, it does NOT go away. This allows us to be more assertive as a generation, and we must be prepared with an answer for every action. Why do you think we question everything? We have the receipts!

Even more so, we encourage a dialogue for every angle of thought, including our own. But rather than see our generation as the least tolerant of ignorance, society chooses to see us as sensitive. Which, in many ways, is valid. But those two can exist on the same plane. Just as logic and emotion are not on opposite sides of a spectrum, but can take up equal amounts of space in every given circumstance.

The kaleidoscope of this new age is ever-turning. People fit into every category and no category at all. We are all the same and COMPLETELY different, and we recognize and appreciate those differences. Yes, there are things about this generation that are in need of extreme inspection. There are shallow people across the board. People who stunt for favorites and likes. People who lack commitment and take advantage of their options.

Just as I begin asking these difficult questions about the world around me, I must do the same within myself. And if I choose to pair it with SpongeBob memes and Vine references, then so be it.

I wish to share with you my iron tongue and a heart of gold.

Starting. Now.



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