Shift Press, “my grandmother say, inside or outside” and “In Texas We Pop Prayers like Pills”

West Branch Wired, “Under Construction”

Green Mountains Review, “Protest”, “Mythtropolis”, “blacademic”

Pidgeonholes, “Ekphrasis”, “Sex is a multiple-choice test I always fail, so I answer the same letter for every question.”

The West Review, “In which I no longer see my face as full of potential”

The Rumpus, “I’m Told”

Bareknuckle Poet, “university tour guide”, “black existentialist trauma”

Contra: Texas Poets Speak Out Anthology, “Can A Body Be”

Houston Review of Books, “black hair ghazal”, “Brown Protagonist”, “Circus Act”, “Away with the Sun”, “Code Switch”

Panoplyzine, “Bottled Ship”

Defunkt Magazine, “A Scaffold is Only So Safe in the Nighttime

Thirty West Publishing House, “Key”, “Indigo Hour”, “Violet Night”

Underground Journal, “B-Side”

Houston Chronicle, “Opinion: It wasn’t all peaceful. What HPD doesn’t want you to know about Houston’s George Floyd protest”

Prism, “‘Defund the police’ is not a slogan. It’s a demand”

“Take Up Space” – Aris Kian
“Hermione Should’ve Been Black” – Aris Kian + Kendryk Youngblood
“This Anthem” – Aris Kian
“ancestry dot com” – Aris Kian
3 Poems: Aris Kian
“Lightning” – Aris Kian
“Purity Rings” – Aris Kian
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